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This is Sasha's Photo Album Page - not really part of Tapir Type proper, just an offshoot where friends can connect to my informal snapshot albums.

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Album 1: Christmastime 2005

Hanging around the apartment, catsitting, and playing with new cameras

Album 2: New Year's Day at the Zoo

Michael and Sasha go to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, fun ensues

Album 3: Around Eastlake and Capitol Hill

Michael's Photos

Sasha's Photos

Album 4: Julie's Not Mitzvah

Julie Comerford celebrates her new-found Jewish heritage

Album 5: Julie and Sasha Do Berkeley and San Francisco

Sasha's first tour of California

Album 6: Late Winter and Early Spring 2006

Michael and Sasha take pictures around Seattle

Album 7: Linda's Trip to Seattle

Sasha's mom comes to visit, and we bop around the city looking at gardens and go to the zoo

Album 8: Franklin Avenue

Michael and Sasha walk down the street

Album 9: Berg Lab Dinner by Lake Union

Michael's lab has a farewell / birthday dinner for two of its members - look for lots of cute baby shots

The photos are on Michael's website, so the format is different

Michael's Photos

Sasha's Photos

Album 10: Late Spring and Early Summer 2006 in Seattle and Boston

Random pictures of Seattle and the things in it, as well as shots of Boston (from when we went to look for an apartment), my pets, my mom's garden in Northampton, and my dad's shop and garden in Eastampton

Album 11: June and July 2006 in Seattle

Stuff, mosty cats and taking a walk on a sunny day